Faultless ReWear Fabric Refresher On The Go 3oz Three Pack

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There’s a big difference between worn clothes and dirty clothes. Sometimes, all it takes is a little boost to bring them back to life. Faultless ReWear Dry Wash Spray quickly revives your favorite shirts, pants, jeans, jackets and more by removing wrinkles and eliminating odors without laundry hassles. Use after wearing or before your next wear. You’ll feel clean, refreshed and ready to do more of what you really enjoy.

√ Quickly Refreshes Look & Smell

√ Captures & Eliminates Odors

√ Removes & Resists Wrinkles

√ Keeps Whites Whiter & Stains from Setting

√ Convenient, Travel-friendly size

How to Use:

No wrinkles. No odors. No joke. Just apply ReWear Dry Wash Spray to your clothes, tug gently and you’ll be ready to walk out the door in no time. Or, lighten your laundry load by spraying and hanging up clothes, so you’re prepped for another day.