Faultless Iron Cleaner

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This unique product removes residues from the sole plate of a HOT steam iron, curling iron or flat iron. Fusibles, interfacings, melted synthetic fabrics, patch glue, starch, hair spray or products all melt away easily. No need to wait for your iron to cool down. Now you can clean your iron as you're using it.  This product is easy to use, non-flammable, non-toxic and safe to use for most irons.  Do not use on a cold iron.  Turn iron to high setting or 400 degrees.  Use care in handling hot irons.  Just apply two inches of hot iron cleaner to an old cotton cloth.  Do not use a synthetic cloth.  For steam irons: empty water before beginning, rub iron over cloth containing cleaner in a circular motion.  For hair appliances:  turn off appliance once heated,  double the towel to prevent burning and carefully rub surface to clean.  Once residue is removed, wipe thoroughly with cloth.  If residue is heavy, repeat application and cleaning.  Be sure all iron cleaner is removed to prevent damage or spotting.


  • Removes residue on steam irons, curling irons and flat irons
  • Cleans irons while hot
  • Easy to use
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic