Faultless Steamer Boost

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Steam your clothes faster and more effectively than ever before with Faultless Steamer Boost.  This superior wrinkle remover is formulated to eliminate and prevent new wrinkles from forming throughout the day.  Plus, it leaves your clothes with a freshly-laundered scent.  Steamer Boost is easy to use.  Simply spray your garment evenly and use your handheld fabric steamer as directed.  If using a steam dryer or other appliance with a steam setting, spray your garment evenly on the front and back before using and follow the appliance directions.  Steamer Boost delivers better results than steaming alone and your clothes will resist wrinkles throughout the day

  • Superior wrinkle removal
  • Reduces the time & effort of steaming
  • Delivers better results than steaming alone
  • Prevents new wrinkles from forming all day
  • Clothes are left smelling fresh & clean
  • Use with your handheld steamer or steaming appliance