Faultless Original Ironing Spray Starch

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Help clothes look new longer and get superior dry cleaner results for less. This spray has odor-neutralizing technology that helps remove odors from most washable fabrics. This product makes ironing faster and easier while imparting a freshly-laundered scent in a medium body finish.  Simply lay garment on ironing board, spray evenly from eight inches away and iron at the recommended fabric setting.  For additional stiffness, respray garment and iron again.  Use on cotton, wool and other washable fabrics.  Do not use on dry clean only items. 

  • Makes ironing faster and easier
  • Get dry cleaner results for less
  • Gives clothes a medium body, pressed finish
  • Removes odors with odor-neutralizing technology
  • Helps clothes look new longer
  • Imparts a freshly-laundered scent