Bon Ami 1886 Formula Cleaning Powder

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Not to be confused with the mainstream and widely distributed Bon Ami Powder Cleanser, Bon Ami still makes its 1886 formula, originally sold in a bar, but now in powder form. The easy-to-shake 12 oz. can contains gentle feldspar abrasive for polishing and soap for cleaning all hard surfaces. Use to defog windows and mirrors. This is the only Bon Ami powder that is recommended for use on glass and auto glass*. NASA even used Cleaning Powder to clean the windows on Skylab. Many allergists recommend original Bon Ami because the natural ingredients contain no detergent, bleach, perfume, or dye. *(Only for use on auto glass that is 100% glass, such as found on older automobiles- without polymer additives or added plastics that could be clouded by abrasion).


  • Soap (Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate) - CAS# 8052-48-0, CAS# 61789-31-9
  • Feldspar Powder - CAS# 68476-25-5