Magic Sizing Light Body Six 20 oz Cans

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Magic Sizing Laundry Supplies at Agelong Brands

If you haven't tried Magic Sizing before, try it now. It will quickly become your wardrobe's best friend. It's perfect for those who love the results of spray or liquid starch, but don't want the hassles or stiffness of laundry starch.

Sizing differs somewhat from laundry starch in that it imparts body to your fabrics without the stiffness of liquid starch or the clogging and flaking that can occur with spray starch. The light body finish of Magic Sizing will make your clothes feel new again, and it's a great match for synthetics and blends. What's more, Magic Sizing also imparts a finish to the fabric that helps resist staining, while still letting the fabric breathe. Even better, it makes ironing easier. Just remember, a little goes a long way, so don't drench your fabric!

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