Garden Weasel Hand Tool 3 Piece Combo

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Dig, Cultivate, Plant, Cut, & Weed

Unique Designs
Three durable hand tools, designed to accomplish multiple garden applications with ease.

Product Features

  • AluminIron™ construction
  • Engineered for dependability and lasting durability
  • Lifetime Warranty

Garden Cultivating Tips

  • Team up your Hand Tools with other products in our hand tool lineup and complete your yard work in no time.
  • Create your gardening area with Weasel Edger. Then, cultivate and aerate with Garden Weasel Cultivator.
  • For new ground, break up the dirt first with Garden Claw. Allow air to circulate for optimum planting results.
  • Garden Weasel Cultivator is perfect for maintaining garden beds. The rotary tines can bring weeds to the surface, combining the functions of both a hoe and spade.