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If you have to remove weeds from a flower bed or herb garden, the Weasel Claw Pro can handle the task without harming delicate plants.

With the right tools, you can keep your lawn and garden in immaculate condition while cutting down on the amount of effort. Removing weeds can be an hazardous task, requiring you to bend or kneel repeatedly. These actions can take a toll on your body. With lawn and garden tools like the Weasel Garden Claw, you can remove troublesome weeds from your yard without straining yourself.

Tend Your Lawn and Garden With the Weasel Garden Claw

The Weasel Garden Claw has a simple design that makes it easy to use. Simply drive the Claw into the ground and twist using the ergonomic handle. With its long shaft, there's no need for you to kneel or bend to remove stubborn weeds from your lawn and garden. In addition to using the Claw to eliminate weeds, you can also use it to aerate and cultivate the soil.

Another option you may consider when caring for your yard is the Garden Weasel. The bladed wheels on the Garden Weasel Cultivator clean themselves as they loosen soil and remove weeds. You can also remove some of the blades when you need to work on tighter areas.

We also carry replacement parts to help you maintain your equipment. If you have questions about the lawn and garden tools we carry, please call our customer service staff at